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Welcome to NOS Valves Online! This is the place to bring your excellent vintage Scott, Eico, Fisher, Pilot, Harman-Kardon, and Dynaco tube amplifiers for the ultimate tune up, mod, or repair!

We specialize in bringing back the heyday of tube amplification with the best of the vintage offerings, most of which easily surpass high-end tube and solid state amplifiers, both in sonics and in value!

NOS Valves only uses parts hand selected for their reliability AND Musicality and have been tested in these circuits These have been found to provide the original warmth while increasing resolution and bloom. Custom requests honored.

Some of the parts
NOSvalves uses in their
restorations and repairs

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Beautiful Scott 299a Mk II
Scott 299a Mk II
Scott 299a Mk II with Russian Foil Oils and BIAS Mod
Scott 299a MkII Mod
Eico HF-81 - Painted and polished
eico hf-81
EICO HF-81 wiring with Auricaps- Kiwame - Sprague ATOMS
eico hf-81 Mod
Dynaco Mk III in for complete rebuild
Dynaco Mk III in for mods


Just added a HH Scott LC21 preamplifier to the for sale page if your looking for a nice sounding vintage preamplifier check it out.


 Just added a great sounding/working NOS Valves rebuilt HH Scott 299 (A) second addition to the for sale page  *SOLD*     



 I have implemented a new shipping address. Because of the inability for UPS and Fed EX to consistently deliver to my rural address in a reasonable time window, especially with the upcoming busy holiday shipping schedule around the corner. I have made arrangements for all packages to be delivered to a local ship center rather then my shop. This will insure packages with signature required will not go through repeated attempts for delivery or if sent with no signature requirement being left outside my shop. Below is the shipping addresses to be used for various shipping methods. Please always send me a tracking number for anything you ship to me. The below information has been also listed on my Contact/Shipping webpage.


UPS and Fed Ex shipping address


Use indirect signature required option


Rose City Ship center


NOS Valves/ Craig Ostby


2640 N. M-33


Rose City, 48654




US postal Service or any other shipping service


NOS Valves


5009 State Rd.


Hale, MI. 48739






  It sure has been a while since I posted anything! This year has been an experience. On day 3 my wife Rebecca was diagnosed with Rectal cancer. Needless to say the last 6 months have been a blur. I'm happy to report the treatments although painful to endure were successful. As of last week she was given a cancer free bill of health. So now all we are dealing with is the huge pile of medical and other bills that have piled up! The donations that have come in from both the Klipsch and Audio Karma forum members are appreciated and a great help!

     I'm happy to report the NBS preamplifier is finally in production! The chassis proved to be a trying experience to get right! But we finally prevailed! Much thanks goes out the Scott Anderson of Everhard products for watching my back while I was distracted with the above personal issue. I just finished the 3rd final production unit and Tom Keady has finished the first optional wood cabinet. Here are some pictures. It may be a couple months before I have time to work on a dedicated webpage for this product.

 NBS Front picture


NBS Back Picture


NBS inside picture


 The next two picture are of the first wood cabinet designed by Tom Keady to a perfect fit for the NBS preamplifier. All said and done this option ended up a bit higher in cost but quality wood working takes many hours of labor so it never comes inexpensively. The cabinets will be $350 plus shipping cost. They can be ordered from me directly with the preamplifier or at anytime later directly from Tom Keady.

NBS Cabinet 1 picture


NBS cabinet 2 picture 



Merry Christmas!

After two years of mulling a preamp product over in my head, then finally building the first proto type two years ago, then gutting that first attempt after about a month to change the layout I knew I was onto something. I then spent another 1 1/2 years tweaking it while I listened....I finally have a product that I feel is outstanding in both Sonics and Reliability! Along the way I mentioned what I was working on to just a few customers. I sent the below information to the customers that had showed interest in getting in on the first batch at a discount to help me offset the initial engineering costs for having a chassis built to my specification. I just sent those emails out on the 16th of December and I now have enough orders to make this happen. So I decided to open this offer up to any previous customers that might want to take advantage of the pre-order discount. This pre-order is open until January 6th 2013. Below is the content of the email I sent out. Feel free to email or call me with any questions you may have.

I am glad to report that my NBS preamp with phono project is at long last in its final phases and ready for pre-orders. The time frame quoted to me for the chassis to be fabricated is 8 to 9 weeks from the date I order. I am now giving a window of opportunity to customers interested in the pre-order discount: You have from now until January 6, 2013 to get the down payment to me. I would like to place my order on January 7, which places the building of the preamps to commence by mid March. I will build them in order of the date that the deposit is received: The first person to send me his deposit will be the first one to have his preamp built, etc. I anticipate that each preamp will take me about 3 days to build and then a few more days to allow me to run it through its paces and burn it in to ensure proper operation. My best estimate for completion is one and half weeks, tops, but I think it is more likely to take one week.

Below you will find a few pictures to get an idea about what you will receive and any changes noted from the final prototype build. Of course feel free to ask any questions or make special requests within reason. No, I cannot make any layout changes. But some customizing will be available, like main coupling cap upgrades, upgraded volume controls (Alps blue velvet standard) or source selector switch. Of course extra costs will be involved in customization (basically whatever the extra part costs, less the cost of the standard part).

The Price
I spent about 4 hours today grinding out my costs and I was a bit surprised at what it all adds up to! But, regardless, I want to get the NBS in production, so I'm going to be as fair as I can be.

The MSRP on the basic preamp with 1 Moving Magnet phono input is $2099.00, plus actual shipping costs.

There will be two Low Output Moving Coil options. I have decided on going with Lundahl transformer solution in two levels of performance and cost. You can read about the two available options at K & K Audio, which is the Lundahl US distributor:

Option 1 for Low Output Moving Coil
The basic step-up for low output moving coil cartridges will utilize the LL9226 transformer. This transformer can be manually configured for 14dB, 20dB, or 26dB of gain (through soldered-in jumper wires) and has load adjustment via plug-in terminals using basic ¼ or ½ watt resistors. I will supply a few values around the specification for your cartridge so that you can tune to taste with each preamp.

Option 1 will add $365.00 to the total price of the preamp and cannot be discounted since I really have no profit to speak of in it.

Option 2 for Low Output Moving Coil
The premium step-up will utilize the LL1931 transformer. This transformer can be user switched from 18dB to 24dB and also has the plug-in load resistor option; again I will include a few different values for tuning to taste.

Option 2 will add $635.00 to the total price and, again, cannot be discounted for the same reason as above.

A future option once I can send a final chassis to Tom Keady (my wood chassis fabricator) will be a premium wood enclosure. This will most likely take a month or two after I actually have a chassis to send him in March. Price will be determined by Tom and buyers will be welcome to have this customized (mostly as to wood type) by dealing directly with Tom. My guess is it will be $250 to $300 per cabinet.

The Discounts
I am offering my standard 10% discount on the preamplifier's like I always have to members of the forums that I frequent and to previous customers. For this pre-order I will take an additional 10% off. I will also go one step further: If I end up getting more then 10 customers sending in deposits for this pre-order, I will take off another 1% for each extra one ordered to all customers taking part. So, the basic preamp price will go like this: $2099.00 - 10% ($209.90) = $1889.10 - 10% pre-order ($188.90) = $1700.20 + actual shipping costs and the cost of any upgrades you choose.

To qualify for this pre-order discount, I will need $1000.00 as down payment on the basic preamp and the additional price of whatever step-up you might want to add. Keep in mind that these preamplifier's will be built in order of the date that the deposit is received.

NOTE: For this to become a reality with today's economic conditions, I have to receive at least 6 pre-orders or any deposits sent to me will be refunded.

NBS Preamp

NBS Preamplifier

NBS Preamplifier

5/18/2012 Vacation Notice

I'm headed off this morning on my annual Northern Ontario wilderness fishing trip so I will be completely out of touch with the rest of the world, I surely can use the break! I will return next weekend the 27th refreshed and ready for another exciting year. Lots of new projects will be in the works in 2012 so check in now and then. While I'm away if possible refrain from shipping any projects but if one slips past this notice my wife will be here to accept it. This should be a very special trip my 5 year old grandson Jordan is going for his first trip in the wilderness!Wish us luck with the Walleyes!


4/19/2012 Please read before contacting me

Well, another year has passed and what a year! I have been incredibly busy, which is great. I have been contemplating what I'm about to post for a very long time and please realize I do not take this lightly. It is one of the harder decisions I have had to make in this business. The last two or three months have been so busy that it has come to the point where I just cannot keep up with the constant phone calls and enormous load of emails that have been coming in while still getting a reasonable amount of work completed, the work that keeps my customers happy and pays the bills around here. So as of today I am not accepting any new work on vintage gear until I have cleared my existing backlog. I will accept a down payment to be placed in line for when I finally do get caught up to a reasonable backlog of work here on the premises. I just do not feel comfortable keeping folks' gear for months at a time while they wait impatiently for me to get it done. Although I carry full insurance coverage on my customers' gear, it's to the point where the gear here is near exceeding the stated value of that policy.

Of course I will still take orders for VRDs, with a slightly extended wait period for deliveries. I basically allot one week a month to building new products so if/when you order I will be able to give you a month/week date build schedule.

I also want to make it clear that if you need support with something, do not hesitate to call or email me. I am here first and foremost to serve my previous and future customers! DIY types, please realize I'm a busy man and I'm not here to hand out free advice so if I have not offered please do not assume.... I love helping you guys but I have to take care of what pays the bills and feeds my family first.

Thanks to all of you for another great year in this awesome business and rest assured that I'm doing my best to keep up, but I'm only human.

Craig Ostby

5/19/2011 Has it really been a year since I posted !

I will be out of reach from May 20st through May 30th. Man, do I need this vacation. These last 6 months have been tremendously busy with both my business and personal life. Wish me luck with the Walleye and Northern Pike. I get to take a newbie who has never been in the northern wilderness, so I should have a ball! It's always great to watch someone experience the beauty of northern Ontario for the first time, not to mention the awesome fishing.

Someone will be here to accept shipments, but if you have not already shipped your gear, please hold off until the end of next week.

Thanks Craig

5/20/2010 Attention Customers

Vacation time has finally arrived! Its been a long 2 years without a Vacation. I will be out of reach from May 21st through May 30th. I'm heading the Northern Ontario where no Phones, Internet access, TV's, Music, Fed Ex or UPS drivers exist! Wish me luck drinking lots of Canadian beer, catching Walleyes and Northern Pike! I'm sure I'll come back physically wore out but mentally refreshed and ready for a exciting year. Lots of changes are planned for NOS Valves this coming year. I've finally realized this business has grown beyond me being able to physically or mentally handle it all by my self. So I will be hiring in some help, expanding my product offerings and services.


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